Trade is essential for any economy—or community—to thrive, but not all trade is equal. Our globalized economy makes it easy for companies to use the cheapest labor they can find anywhere in the world, even through means of exploitation, while also making it harder for people to know anything about the conditions under which their goods were made. Together we can change that.

  • Online Exclusive

    A picture of Tomatoes


    Mexican farmworkers and their children treated like tools.

  • Online Exclusive

    A picture of Garments


    Women labor in sweatshops around the worldwide.

  • A picture of Seafood


    Enslaved fishermen in Thailand may not see land for years.

  • A picture of Cigarettes


    Exposing US child farmworkers to dangerous toxins.

  • A picture of Conflict Minerals

    Conflict Minerals

    Funding wars and child labor in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • A picture of Wine & Grapes

    Wine & Grapes

    US grape pickers earn far less than the minimum wage.

  • A picture of Sugarcane


    Heat and pesticides are making Central American plantation workers gravely ill.

  • A picture of Toys


    Toy workers in China endure sweatshops and poisonous chemicals.

Writer & Researcher
Elizabeth O’Connell
Art Direction
Rob Hanson
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Amanit Ali
Bernard Yu