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Climate Justice

Photo courtesy Luka Tomac—Friends of Earth Europe

Climate Justice for All

While communities of color are suffering disproportionately from the climate crisis, they are also leading the way to ensure that all people get equal protection from the worst effects of global warming. [Read more]

People are saying we have to make our communities more climate-resilient, but it has to be a resilience that cuts across race, class, and geography.

Dr. Robert D. Bullard


What does the burgeoning Black Lives Matter movement have to do with curbing the climate crisis? Plenty. [Read more]

When you think about a cop shooting you, it’s an immediate death. But climate change—with [related] pollution that’s mostly in our backyard—is still killing us. Connecting [that] to Black Lives Matter is really important.

Sarra Tekola

If the people do not understand the sacredness of Mother Earth, I do not see how we can develop any global plan to stop the climate crisis.

Tom Goldtooth

“A lot of the information [Latinos] get is from international news sources like Telemundo and Univision that are pulling data from scientists, so their information is accurate. They have no doubt that climate change exists and is a major issue.”

Nicole Hernandez Hammer

We refuse to give up hope. We refuse to be quiet. We refuse to believe that a better world isn’t possible.

Former Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed

We must use our disadvantages to understand and empathize with the disadvantages of others, and redirect our privileges to amplify the voices of those without.

Bernard Yu

From the Editor-in-Chief:
It Doesn’t End with Flint

Environmental racism, including the climate racism discussed in this issue, is not confined to the current water crisis happening in Flint, MI. Communities of color have been targeted for decades by toxic, polluting, and climate-warming facilities. [Read more]

Denying climate change is a White upper class privilege. People in low lying islands in the South Pacific and low-income communities and many communities of color can’t deny climate change. The Inuit people who had to be relocated because ice is melting, threatening to sink the land their homes are built on, can’t deny climate change.

Sarra Tekola

We’re trying to wake up those who need to understand.

Mario Santoyo